after school programs

(Kindergarten-5th grade)

Our After School Program entails a fitness regimen two-three times per week and activities/games on a daily basis.  It is aimed more toward the child who prefers to participate in an assortment of games/activities like dodgeball, handball, sharks & minnows, relay races, etc along with our fitness program, which incorporates body weight exercises, utilization of medicine balls, push/pull sled, slam balls, resitance bands, box jumps to give them an adequate workout.

Check out our Facebook page for a few videos of fun games and workouts we have done with the afterschoolers!

After our game or fitness regimen for the day, which usually ends around 5:00 PM. We will have the kids work on their homework.  Between our after school teachers, there are certifications in Special Education, PE, Generalist-EC-6, and 2 years of tutoring experience with all ages at Huntington Learning Center as well as 2 years experience in the public school system. Also, a degree in Health, Physical Education and Recreation.

After School Weekly Rates

  • $96 (5% sibling discount)

Hours of Operation

  • Pick Up- 6:30 PM
  • Offer care on early dismissals and most Student Holidays (with the exception of major Holidays). We also provide camps over Spring Break, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Breaks.

Pick up from the following Elementary Schools: Randolph, Bentley, Campbell, Shafer, Davidson and Stanley

Online/Virtual school program (KISD & LCISD)

We will offer a program where your child can attend and we will ensure that he/she are set up for their on-line school day.  The districts are requiring that children enrolled in virtual/on-line school, be logged in for the entire school day.  Our teachers will assist the children as needed and be available to answer questions, facilitate activities, etc. Our teachers are degreed and have multiple certifications including Special Education, Generalist (EC-6) and Physical Education. This program is only for children enrolled at a KISD or LCISD elementary school.  Extended hours are available before and after the school day.  We will follow all of the district protocols such as mask wearing for children in 4th and 5th grades when social distancing is not feasible, screening all children as well as teachers before entering the building, disinfecting equipment throughout the day, maintaining small group sizes of 10, etc.  We will also provide daily physical activities both indoors and outdoors.  Snacks will be provided, but children will need to bring lunch.  Enrollment will be capped at 30 children. We will have 3 teachers to maintian a 1:10 student- teacher ratio. Three different options will be offered as stated below.

****The school only program is $129/week. The extended day program which includes the school program is $189/week if your child is picked up by 5:00.  If you pick your child up past 5:00, the weekly rate is $199/week.****

School Only Hours ($129)

Extended Day- Pick Up Before 5:00 PM ($189)

Extended Day- Pick Up After 5:00 PM ($199)

physical education and fitness program

In addition, for those of you who have decided to work with your child during the school day, we are offering a little escape for you and your child!  We will offer PE/fitness classes. These classes will be a mix of fitness (i.e. box jumps; ladders; etc.) and physical games such as dodge ball, battleship, etc and will be limited to 10 children a group.  The different groups will rotate from inside to outside and vice-versa.  As the children have to be logged in during the school day, the times for these classes will have to be afterwards at 3:30 and 4:30.  All of the aforementioned protocols that the districts are incorporating will be followed for these classes as well.