adult classes


MUSCULAR STRENGTH. MUSCULAR ENDURANCE. CARDIOVASCULAR ENDURANCE. FLEXIBILITY. BODY COMPOSITION. This program evenly incorporates the 5 components of physical fitness and focuses on overall health. Through the duration of this course, you can expect to utilize free weights, dumbbells, and perform body weighted excercises to develop muscular strength and endurance. Box jumps, ladders, medicine balls, and therabands to incorporate cardiovascular fitness and increase flexibility as well as agility. Our trainers mission is to assist our members in meeting their personal goals and objectives, to increase overall physical and mental health in order to give themselves a more positive self image and outlook on life!


  • Month to Month- $159
  • 3 Month Contract- $149
  • 6 Month Contract-$139
  • 12 Month Contract- $129

****Additional Family members are $30 per person****