KSF4Kidz Program Information

KSF4Kidz introduces and focuses on developing critical motor skills to prepare children for the fundamental principles that lay ahead. Through informative drills, fun games, and positive reinforcement, children will begin to experience the joy of participating in structured physical activity as well as being in an active social environment. Classes will have a coach to child ratio of 1:10 (age 3) and 1:15 (ages 4-5) to ensure that each youngster gets plenty of attention and instruction to help build a solid foundation for the road ahead.


  • Improve gross and fine motor skills
  • Improve hand/eye coordination
  • Improve fitness and agility
  • Improve mental and physical strength
  • Introduce a variety of activities, games, & sports related activities to cater to multiple aspects of interests

KSF4Kidz uses a fun yet effective approach to teach the fundamentals of gross and fine motor skills. Our belief is that our coaches must not only explain the “HOW?” but preach the “WHY?” to give our students a better understanding of what they are learning. KSF4Kidz is divided into 2 stages based on age level: Our sessions last 30 minutes and are given once per week for 16 weeks.

At KSF4Kidz, we always promote good sportsmanship whether it be in victory or defeat. With backgrounds in Physical Education and Early Childhood Education as well as certifications in physical training, our coaches realize how fortunate they are to do what they are passionate about on a daily basis and understand our position as role models to these children.