The select baseball world is swarmed with hundreds of select teams and dozens of organizations but their preparation structure is all very similar. 1 FIELD practice and 1 CAGE practice per week. What makes us stand out is our additional STRENGTH, SPEED, & AGILITY TRAINING that we provide on a weekly basis. What better way to help prepare your child than give them premier sports instruction and maintain a specialized fitness program geared for baseball players?

the baseball side

We take an approach to teach the mental, physical and situational side to give our players a full grasp of the game of baseball. This benefits their full understanding of the game and maximizes the results from all the hard work they put in. Work SMART & HARD!

the fitness side

Our certified trainers specialize in SPORTS PERFORMANCE TRAINING and will train your athlete with movements specific to baseball. Equipment that can be expected to be used, ladders, speed hurdles, hexagon webs, bands, & cones. For the older players, added equipment such as dumbbells, kettlebells, plates and Vertimax training. See examples of our training videos HERE!