Youth CLASSes

This is a great way to for your children to socialize and a chance for them to learn the importance of being physically active. We offer our youth classes based on age group. Listed below are descriptions of each, check them out and see which fits you best!

Katy Sports and Fitness provides a fun, structured atomosphere in helping these youths determine their goals and having a fitness program they are excited about participating in. This program will promote self-confidence, the knowledge on not only HOW to exercise properly but WHY, and work on fitness aspects to get them more physically sound .

Athletic Development class

Our Athletic Development program consists of 3 total body lifting days that will cover everything from Olympic lift development and technical corrections to auxiliary lifts and stability movements. The program contains 2 speed and agility days. The first will utilize techniques develop linear speed. (acceleration, deceleration, plyometric power/explosion, top end training as well as turnover. The second session will be used to develop lateral speed (change of direction, lateral plyometrics, cutting, shin angle corrections, hip mobility and core rotation development)

In addition, for football players. Technical components of combine drills will be covered and worked on (40 yard dash, 20 yard, 5-10-5, L-Drill, broad jump, & vertical jump)

youth class prices

  • Month to Month- $159
  • 3 Month Contract- $149
  • 6 Month Contract-$139
  • 12 Month Contract- $129

****Additional Family members are $30 per person****

athletic developmet class prices

  • Month to Month- $199
  • 3 Month Contract- $175
  • 6 Month Contract-$149