Our Story

Katy Sports and Fitness came about from the recognition that there were very few if any QUALITY fitness & instructional sports afterschool programs in the Katy area. The youth athletic world is swarmed with thousands of select teams and hundreds of organizations combined with thousands of instructors in anticipation of preparing children for the NEXT LEVEL. What better way to help prepare your child than give them a variety of PROFESSIONAL sports instruction and maintain a specialized fitness program geared for athletes on a daily basis? Not only is Katy Sports and Fitness limited to afterschool, we offer summer camps, 1-on-1 fitness training, multiple private sports instruction, small group classes, batting cage rentals, and a premier select baseball program. Katy Sports and Fitness principles are based on teaching our students to understand their sport and fitness from a mental, situational, and physical standpoint while DEVELOPING the intangibles to be successful at the next level. To not only help our members develop healthy NUTRITIONAL and physical routines but influence them to turn them into lifestyle habits.

Katy Sports and Fitness is a unique environment that offers a variety of services including after school, personal training, small group sessions, private sports instruction, and batting cage rentals. Katysportsandfitness Be sure to give them a visit and tell them we sent you!

Posted by Fitness Depot Houston on Thursday, October 19, 2017

Our Approach

Katy Sports and Fitness has the most DIVERSE usage of a facility within the area working with kids as young as 5 to senior citizens, including multiple sports instruction, a variety of small group classes, camps, afterschool, and much more! Thus our specified methods will obviously not be the same for everyone. However, trainers, coaches, and instructors alike share one common approach. To educate our clients, students and athletes on their particular sport(s) or fitness from a MENTAL, PHYSICAL and SITUATIONAL standpoint to further assist their UNDERSTANDING of what they are learning in order to more effectively put their hard work into achieving better results. Our staff members recognize themselves as ROLE MODELS and their influence to have our clients develop LIFELONG healthy habits including both daily exercise as well as a balanced nutritional diet. Finally, people are more apt to participate if they are having fun and are comfortable within their atmosphere. At Katy Sports and Fitness we realize the importance of maintaining a positive, supportive environment to set our clients up for SUCCESS!

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