Aeros Baseball Academy will be holding tryouts starting at the beginning of June. You may register by clicking the link below labeled "Aeros Baseball Academy Tryout Information Form"


The goal of Aeros Baseball Academy is to foster an environment to develop competitive baseball players and teams from a physical, situational, and mental standpoint. Yes, we need to keep it fun in the process in order to accomplish these goals to the best of our abilities. Over the years, Katy Sports and Fitness has built a solid reputation in the baseball community and it launched in the Spring of 2024, we are in our second season.

Our goal is to keep this organization small and personable, where everyone knows everyone’s name. It is truly a family. Our coaches and staff will set a positive environment in which your children can look at them as baseball mentors as well as role models.

What does joining Aeros Baseball Academy provide?

  • Fields and Cages- Consistent, Guaranteed times and locations that you can build your schedule around
  • 1 Field Practice Per Week- Location: Freedom Park/AmeriPark
  • 1 Cage Practice Per Week- Katy Sports and Fitness

Depending on the needs of the team, we may move to two field practices a week instead of 1 cage and 1 field practice.

  • Uniforms- 3 Dri-Fit Jerseys (2 Game & 1 Practice). 2 Socks (1 Navy & 1 Red). 2 Belts (1 Navy & 1 Blue). 2 Hats (1 Navy & 1 Columbia Blue). 2 Pants (White with Navy Trim & White with Red Trim)

(We also have the option to purchase additional gear)

  • Equipment- Katy Sports and Fitness provides baseballs, tees, pitching mounds, pitching machines, training equipment, etc.
  • Play in a competitive environment and on a competitive team. If your son is invited to play with Aeros Baseball Academy, we expect him not only to be at all practices and games but to be ready to compete whenever they step onto the field.
  • Team Coaching- All Aeros Baseball Academy teams are professionally coached. We will have detailed practice plans that are expected to be followed in accordance for unity of the program
  • Aeros Baseball Academy Training Facility Access- All players are welcome and encouraged to use the facilities and equipment for FREE on a "space available" basis. Cages, Pitching Machines, pitching mounds, batting tees, provided Baseballs in Cages and more are available at the Training Facility.
  • Professional Lessons- Although not required, it is recommended that players take individual lessons to help with their specific needs in a more private arena by an instructor with an eye to aid with them to make the adjustments needed to improve their gameplay. Private lessons are not included in your membership.
  • Tournaments- The head coach will decide what tournaments and (or) leagues their teams will participate in. Families are equally charged for their portion of each individual tournament/league the team decides to participate in. Team Insurance and registrations are paid for by Aeros Baseball Academy as part of your team fees.

Gameplay differentiates based on Season and Age group. Every age group will play two tournaments monthly during the Spring.

During the Fall we like to participate in Doubleheader leagues as other popular sports are going on, in particular football. Many times when playing tournaments, football games conflict with baseball games on the weekend. Having said, we will participate in a tournament or two in the Fall to keep things different.

  • Payment System- All players must have an active MindBody account and have a valid credit card on file. Aeros Baseball Academy monthly team fees covers field cost, facility fee, cage practices, and coaches pay. Tournament cost or league cost will be additional, they will vary based on tournament and fee will be divided evenly amongst the parents.
  • All Aeros will purchase a 2024 Spring uniform package…information is listed above. If previous families already have jerseys then they are not required to purchase jerseys unless they want to.
  • Aeros players must wear Dri-Fit practice shirt during practices.
  • Fundraising options are available. Aeros Baseball Academy is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit organization.

Welcome to Aeros Baseball Academy. We are looking forward to a great season!

Monthly Team Fees